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About Us

On September 17, 1984 Dr. Federico Ponce de Leon founded in the city of Bogota, Colombia the company Spai-Sons. This phenomenal line of bio-cosmetics has been a true and proven success and we proudly project it into the 21st century. Over 450 references constitute the hair, facial and body lines. Our products made their debut on the international market, in countries like the USA, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

"The future is today! Our commitment is to serve humanity. Our success hinges on training, developing and promoting self-improvement within our organization as well as outside."

We are a company dedicated to create, develop, manufacture and market cosmetic and pharmaceutical products of the highest quality that will satisfy the most demanding national and international markets. Spai-Sons is committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint and to this end we utilize advanced mechanisms that eliminate any possible negative impact on the environment.
Hand in hand with nature, our main inspiration, we set the pace with the science of the future while maintaining a perfect balance in the environment.