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Kissy My

Moisturizer for hands and body with marine algae [...]

Floop Deodorant

Deodorant that stays active the whole day maintaining the area dry and fragrant [...]


Preventative measure against fungus and bacteria that collect at the base of the [...]


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Daily AM / PM. Due to its antimicrobial and anti-fungal cleansing properties Gynox– Soft is refreshing and maintains the body clean and with a pleasant fragrance throughout the day. Its scientifically designed formula is also effective against hives and other skin or scalp conditions that are accompanied by burning and itching.

External use. Apply rubbing with the fingertips to create foam, rinse thoroughly with water.For best results use in conjunction with Kissy My, Floop Deodorant.


Foamy emulsion with antibacterial properties and a balanced pH which makes it ideal for intimate hygiene as well as body wash for men, women and children including newborns.