Complimentary Products

Acid Paste

A mild exfoliator that uses the power of citrus acids to gently remove the upper layers of dead skin [...]

Phytoplant Normal & Dry Skin

Thoroughly cleans the pores clogged by sebum, dirt and makeup residue. Provides skin texturing and softening [...]

Phytoplant Oily Skin

This formula of herbal extracts is recommended to control bacteria, as an anti-seborrheic toner [...]

Skin Cleanser

Makeup Remover


Makeup remover and skin cleansing.

Instruccions: Shake well before use. Dispense product onto a cotton pad and remove makeup


Skin cleanser is an updated, modern double-phase make-up remover. By using cutting-edge bionanotechnology, this advanced product is able to gently dissolve make-up, including waterproof eye and lips make-up, remove impurities, unclog pores while nourishing your skin and leaving it silky smooth, protected and without any oily residue, ready to receive nutrients and oxygen.

Skin cleanser is packed with botanical extracts from the Amazon rainforest condensed in essential oils of Macadamia, Copoazu, Vitamin E, D-Panthenol, vitamins, moisturizers and lubricants that make it suitable for home use, professional use as well as for those who dedicate their careers to the performing arts and use heavy make-up.

This product is primarily recommended for dry or mature skin.