Complimentary Products

Regenerathor CX

improve the quality and enhance the shine and texture of your hair [...]

Repara-Deep T Mask

Five types of hair specific proteins which help repair hair deterioration [...]

Kroll Color Protection

Unique formula of rich ingredients exclusively designed for the gentle cleansing and conditioning of color-treated hair [...]

Sante XXI

Hair Cream for Women
Sante XXI


Highly effective treatment for heat damaged hair. Recovers the hair shaft after repeated chemical processing. Revitalizes hair with stunted growth.

Apply to wet or dry hair in moderation. Apply to the scalp before chemical procedures and directly on the skin prior to bleaching facial or body hair.


A hair shaft regenerator and scalp protector that specifically targets hair abused by excessive use of hot irons and blow dryers, constant brush friction as well as damage caused by free radicals, chemical agents and ultraviolet radiation.