Complimentary Products

Repara-Deep T Mask

Five types of hair specific proteins which help repair hair deterioration [...]

Kroll Color Shampoo

Unique formula of rich ingredients exclusively designed for the gentle cleansing and conditioning of color-treated hair [...]

Regenerathor CX Natural

softening agents, a polymer and a combination of vitamins and essential oils that nourish [...]

Kroll White

Extra strong natural gel with Keratin


Molding hair in an artful, scientific and stylish manner.

Instructions: For best results, apply the product to damp hair and mold it to your liking. Take a small amount of gel, rub it on your hands and spread it evenly over the hair. It can be activated with moist hands.


It also contains castor oil. Creates wet-look and intense natural shine. Kroll White protects the hair shaft and avoids reactions on the scalp.